What is ‘Average’ Penis Size

11 Jul

Penis extenders are capable of adding to the length of this vital male organ, and they are also known to be safe as long as you follow the instructions carefully. However, the basic question that remains is whether a particular person’s size is small or not. To do this, we need to know what is the average penis size.

How is the penis measured?

Let us first see how penis measurements are made. The length of the completely erect penis is taken when the person is standing, and what is considered as penis length is the measurement from the tip of the penis to the base along the top. Also, the measurement should not be made under the penis because this will lead to inaccurate results.

So…What IS the average size?

The average size of the completely erect penis is about 5.25 inches, despite claims by many men that they have much longer organs. Do not forget that measurements can vary by a wide range if taken in different circumstances.

Can penis extenders help?

Actually, size may not always matter since the average depth of the vagina is only about five inches. This means that even a smaller than average penis would be able to reach the key parts of the vagina like the G-spot. But for both men and women who prefer a bigger penis, penis extenders may contribute a lot to their feeling of satisfaction during sexual intercourse. An increase of just one inch to the penis length may do wonders to the couple’s intimate moments if they really feel that size is important.

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