Penis Size How It Can End Your Relationship

19 Jul

Recent studies revealed that a great percentage of men are discontented with their penis size and are willing to undergo different kinds of enlarging penis methods to satisfy their desire, sometimes disregarding the risks involved due to desperation and the feeling of hopelessness.

How does it affect my relationship?

In most cases, penis size insecurities are often the main cause of low self-esteem in males. This greatly affects a mans sex life, because the lack of confidence in bed leads to weaker erections therefore, the loss of interest in sex. A male that’s in doubt of his capabilities to satisfy their partners are often the sufferers of this problematic condition (soft erections).

Now let’s connect the dots, shall we? the lack of interest in sexual intercourse might mean something more to your partner if you keep saying “I’ll pass tonight, my back hurts” your mate might perceive this as sexual rejection and that he/she is not enough to satisfy you when in reality it’s the other way round.

In time, this misunderstandings could develop into other relationship problems and could have fatal effects on your feelings for one another, in some cases the better half is often forced to look for somebody that will satisfy them thus, ending the relationship.

Of course this situation that’s portrayed here is only hypothetical and might not happen to you because everyone has a different thing going on in their own relationships but, although this is only a perception the possibility of it happening to you and to everyone else can’t be rejected. It might already be happening to your friends.

But the good thing is, it’s not the end of the world yet if you have a small penis size. With the current technology today everything is possible with science, penis enlarging is a common practice to this day not only a couple but thousands of males have achieved their desired penis size and lives a joyful life and an intense sex life all because of enlarging of their penis. But be wary because some rouge companies out there are only after your money and does not deliver what their products promises and can sometimes cause a catastrophic effect on your body.

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Thank you! for reading this article my friend, live a happy and exciting life… you deserve it!

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