ProExtender vs. Sizegenetics: Which One Works Better?

proextender vs sizegenetics

Many men dream about adding length and girth to their penis, so it is no wonder that someone invented a way to give men the size of penis they want. Of course, these inventions date back to the medieval days, and most of them don’t work, but there are some solutions out there that actually can help men enlarge their penis.

Penis extenders have become quite popular in recent years. This is because there have been recent reports that a few new studies have shown that a few of these devices do work. The ProExtender™ and Sizegenetics penis enhancement systems are two popular penis extenders.

While both penis extending systems look something like a torture device, science tends to suggest that they may actually work to add inches to both the girth and length of a man’s penis.

While they both claim to do basically the same thing, extend the penis, one does a better job than the other. Here is a fair review of both the ProExtender™ vs Sizegenetics penis extenders:

· ProExtender™

The ProExtender™ prides itself on the fact that the system can help men suffering from Peyronies disease (a disease which is caused by scar tissue that forms along the length of the inside of the penis. This scar tissue, which is known as plaque, can cause bending in the penis and make intercourse difficult and sometimes painful), a crooked penis, or for men who are just hoping for thicker girth and more length to their penis.

The ProExtender™ is a penis traction device that is secured to the penis base and around the tip of the penis. The adjustable traction between is designed to gradually increase the length of the shaft of the penis. Over time, the penis should become thicker and longer naturally.

By simply correctly wearing the device 3-8 hours per day for one to three months, the traction system is designed to exert force consistently on the penis. As it is exerting consistent force, it also pulls the skin, which is supposed to cause the cells think that that part of the body is growing. The body is then supposed to create new tissue to accommodate for the new size.

To grow the girth of the penis, the principal idea is that the penis contains a sponge like tissue that holds the blood when a penis is erect. When the ProExtender™ is in place, it become thicker, giving the penis a thicker girth.

The ProExtender™ penis extending system also includes natural male enhancement supplements, which further help assure your success.

The key advantages of the ProExtender™ are:

o It’s a safer solution than other pills, potions and mechanical equipment.
o Urologists and surgeons back up the company’s claims.
o It’s pain-free
o Adjustable tension
o Made of high quality materials
o It has been proven to extend the penis up to almost an inch in the designated amount of time.

· Sizegenetics

Sizegenetics is another popular penis extending system that boasts penis lengthening success of up to an inch or more, depending on the amount of time it is worn. It also claims to:

o Exercise the penis just like any other part of the body should be worked out to attain a nice physique.
o Promises a bigger, more bulging pens.
o Be backed up by scientific studies.
o Have numerous doctor endorsements from around the world.
o Give money back to those who aren’t satisfied after 6 months.
However, the Sizegenetics system is only available online and does not give the customer the options that the ProExtender penis extender system offers.

When it comes to the ProExtender vs. Sizegenetics penis enlargement systems war, both of these systems are fairly similar. The Sizegenetics penis extender claims to do basically the same thing as the ProExtender, but this product tends to cost more, have more negative online reviews, and fewer reviewers saying that the product actually works.

So, ProExtender wins the ProExtender vs. Sizegentics debate. But, whichever device you choose, it is important to note that you can only enhance your penis so much. You probably aren’t going to go from a 6” penis to a 9” penis, but there is potential there to gain. Just be realistic about your expectations and the ProExtender will help you get there.

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