How to Use ProExtender

4 Jul

The ProExtender is one of the most popular penis extenders in the marked right now and there is a good reason for that. The ProExtender works very well and has been clinically tested several times by various test labs.

The device is simple to use once you have tried it on a few times. I have made a short guide that will guide your though the mounting process.

How to use ProExtender

how to use proextender

  1. Fastening the basal ring at the base of the penis

The device has a basal ring which you will be required to fasten around the base of your penis.

  1. Ensure the two metal bars are running parallel each other

There are two metal bars available on the device. For proper working of the device you should ensure the two metal bars are running parallel to each other.

  1. Make the head of the penis to rest on the bowl shaped part of the device.
  2. Insert both ends of the silicone tube to the holes provided in the plastic supports.
  3. You will have created a loop where you will pass the penis.
  4. Try to tighten the silicone tube around the penis head.
  5. For those who are uncircumcised, the silicone tube can be passed just below the glans.
  6. To provide secure fastening you should press both ends of the device to fasten the device.
  7. The final stage you will have to turn the two thumb screws.
  8. Wear the device as long as you like and enjoy a larger penis!

There are many benefits you will enjoy after you decide to make use of the proextender. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy after you decide to make use of the device.

Benefits of using ProExtender:

Increasing penis length

You may have a penis that is short in size. For you to easily increase the size of your penis, you should try the device. The device has been used for many years by people who have achieved great results.

Increases penile girth

For those who have problems with their penile girth, they will achieve great results after they decide to try proextender.

Straightens curve

There are those who will like to get rid of curves that have developed on their penis, it is very easy to get rid of the curves after you decide to make use of the device.

Harder erections

You will achieve hard erections after you decide to go for the device. The erections which you will achieve after you buy the penis extender will lead you to enjoying harder and long lasting erections.

Increased sexual pleasure

For those who have failed to enjoy sex, it is very easy to enjoy great sex after they decide to buy the extender. The device leads to better blood circulation which elands to intense orgasm.

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Written by Juan V. Compton

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